Help my friend Jessica please

by Flint ()

When I say that Jessica has no family it’s true. Her father is crippled by mental illness and before being crippled was not a good father. Her mother is sociopathic and selfish. She has no siblings, aunts, uncles or grandparents. Jessica does not have a high IQ or much education. She is not “smart”. She was abused in several ways as a child and so has a low self esteem. As a result of all of that She doesn’t make the best decisions sometimes. She has no money. She does not have physical good looks. If her life were a poker hand she would have two, three, five, six, seven all of different suits.
She does have a two year old daughter that she loves deeply and would of course die for.
Jessica’s best qualities are that she treats everyone fairly and assumes the best in them. Her biggest mistake is that she assumes all other people return her that favor. She is a precious child of God and so is her daughter Penelope.
There’s nothing romantic between us. I help when I can but I have my own family.
Watching the world grind someone under is hard. And sad. Please pray for a miracle for Jessica and Penelope. Thanks.

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