Help my family especially my little brother.

I am the older brother 20 years my younger sister is 13 and my youngest sibling who is my brother is 7. My father is 51 my mom is 38. No one listens to anyone in my family. I ask lord to give us wisdom and accept you and understand that it is only you for the reason why we exist today.

I feel that are broken bond has punished my innocent young brother and has given him a terrible illness and disease that led to a life changing procedure. Oh lord I have doubts I am confused but a good soul nonetheless, who can be influenced by evils very easily. Strengthen me give me an easy sign to know and be secure in my mind. I’m scared that it’ll be too late for me but then I say why should I be worried but then I say I should be worried.

I need a miracle for me to believe but I ask for nothing. Send an angel to me to xplain why this is happening and what I should do. I’m afraid that others suffer and my good heart is being torn apart because I care so much.

I sorry god I’m sorry. I don’t know why but I’m sorry. Please give my family and everyone in this world the sign that you are the only one who matters and that we revolve around your power give t
Hem the wisdom and please do not lock mine.

I’m trapped. I need you god. I love you god. Bring my family together to celebrate your existence. I love you god. I love you.

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