Help My children

by Clare (Sayville, NY)

I have two ex husbands who are tormenting my children in an attempt to work together to take custody from me. One rules with fear and intimidation, and the other tries to sway my daughter into believing she would have a better life without me. Both ex’s have harrassed me for years. I need the strength to speak for my children and the prayers to defeat my enemies once and for all. Mostly, my family needs to be freed from oppression and to move forward and have a happy life together. I do not want my childrens’ lives to be ruined needlessly. I did not come from an unhappy family, and feel pained that this is a burden that my children have to carry. Lord Jesus stay with me in court tomorrow and allow the Judge to see things as they really are, and make judgments in favor of me and the children. Please keep us safe from harm and fulfill your wishes for us. Amen.

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