Help my broken marriage

by Debra (Wedgefield, SC)

Lord Jesus I ask whole heartily to touch my husband and I in a mighty way. Help us to remember the love we once had for each other. help us to dispose of all negativity, evil and harm that may be hindering our marriage from succeeding. Let no weapon formed against us or our marriage prosper. Lord i ask that anything or or anyone that may be trying to to come between my husband and i be stopped in the name of Jesus. Lord i ask that you grant us love, joy, and peace as were spend the rest of our days together as husband and wife.I ask that you help us to forgive each other when we are wrong, learn to communicate, understand each others feelings and be there for one another with love. Lord i ask you to hear my prayer and i trust that in your time and will, it shall be done. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.