Help my 3 children get their mother back form adultery & abandoning the family

by Ernest (San Antonio, Texas, Bexar)

To whom it may concern, it is with a heavy heart and a shattered spirit that I reach out to you today. I am a stay at home father of 3 wonderful and special needs children. I have been now . . going on for 10 years. The Mother of our children has walked out on us and we get by through government food stamps and what ever donations that the people, with their kindness, will bless us. Scot my 12 year old son suffers from a spectrum of Autism (aspergers) and A.D.H.D.; his mother moving out as abruptly as she did and without notice . . is affecting him the hardest . . sleepless nights, terrors, and the incessant sensations that he has been absolutely abandon and doomed. My little boy cries out in the middle of the night asking-pleading for the soft gentle embrace of his mothers love, but sadly his mother no longer can hear our sons sorrowful voice. We married through the state in 12/23/03 and the the Holy Catholic Church St. Leo the Great on 11/02/07.

Abegale was received into this world on 11/21/08 and Zoe Faithon 11/24/10. My wife was a caring and loving mother to her children and loved them very much. But having tasted the fame and power of her career and the popularity she receives from her colleagues, she finds being a mother or a wife to be unimportant in her life. She is a charge Registered Nurse at the Metropolitan Methodist Hospital 1310 McCullough Ave, TX 78212 and also at San Antonio TX NIX Hospital 414 Navarro St Ste 600, 78205. My wife has struggled all her life to get what she has and be were she is today. She has had 2 miscarriages (still born) on December 26 of 2011 and November 24 2013. My wife changed very much after those two incidents and became very recluse and dark.

She would not become a Registered Nurse until we got married through the Church and ever sense then she has been very successful–one year after another–in getting promotions and pay increases. I Stay home for the sake of our children and for them to have a parent to teach and give them the gift of knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My wife makes very good money and benefits very handsomely from the blessings of the church, my family even payed for the rent on our house (when she was going to nursing school) so as to help her succeed in her dreams. Now with the promotion of charge nurse, at her current jobs, she demanded that I go and get ‘food stamps’ so that we can have ‘more’ financial funds available to us but immediately moved out and purchased her own place once the food stamps were approved to our family.

She has no relationship with me or the children and has been caught several times having an affair with men and women in luxury Pent House’s downtown San Antonio, where she now lives, and managed to procure a brand new vehicle. She Originally moved out on October 31, 2015; going on now a little bit under a year. I’m afraid I’m at my wits last ends and I’m beginning to loose grip of my cross with Christ–on the path to Mount Calvary. I have made many attempts, to ask, for her to get help through counseling or spiritual assistance . . while her lover was besides her . . I implored her to think about Scoty and his present crippling condition, but my pleading fell null to her ears . . only to be left stonewalled and her being whisked away by her other man to desecrate our vows–in adultery. I fear that the weight of the cross, that I gladly carry for our Lord and Savior, has made my knees buckle and are disabled by its current weight . . but our children . . our children . . are the ones who are being flogged and judged before the mighty pin and sword of the Romans even before they’ve had a chance to become students of Christ’s love.

Wont any body here my prayer . . please . . Lord . . like Daniel . . I cry out to thee Oh Lord in Heaven . . save me from the hold of Jezebels mighty arrows piercing my wife’s ever waning soul and release her . . Father. . from the clutches, of the Lions din, devouring and consuming the mother (of my childrens) heart; who once vowed to be my companion and wife through better or through worse till death due us part and be faithful by honoring you: . . Oh God . . our Heavenly Father . . in all things . . be it good or bad. Vanessa Ann was received into this world on December 29, 1976 at 03:17am, who later was to become Vanessa through Holy Matrimony with me, her husband: Ernest . I feel my will is weakening and the crushing agony of my children’s pain and suffering is to much for me to bear any more. I’m reaching out to anyone who has a single bone of mercy left in their body, that the heart of Jesus may reach out and pour into my wife–the love and promise–that our Lord and Savior-Christ the King- obediently laid down his life for.

I know (no more) what else to do, I have prayed rosaries, novenas, fasted for days and months on end, donated blood to the Hospital of St. Jude . . I’ve done, just about, all I can possible imagine, feel, or think; with the exception of turning my back on God. I will not, I can not, if the Lord sees it fit . . that the mother of my children can sin and covet the men of other Holy Matrimony’s . . than who am I to complain to the Lord . . who made us all. I love you Lord with all my heart through Jesus Christ our Lord and ask for the forgiveness of my wife’s sins, see her not for what she has become, but . . for the many people she reaches out and helps in her daily life in her own special way, I alone am the cause and reason for her failures Lord . . punish me God and not my wife who I love and care for with all my heart. May your judgment be merciful and swift. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus I Place all my trust in you. Peace be to us all.