Help me with my temper towards the person I say I love.

by George (Dallas)

Lord I know I don’t communicate with you as much as I should. I ask you to shine a light on me, I ask you lord to teach me how to pray. I ask you to forgive me for all the wrongs I have committed. In my heart I say I’m a good person but at times I loose my cool too quick that it ruins my days and it also affect people around me. You gave me a woman who I truly believe she is the one for me and I appreciate that whole heartedly. So, teach me how to love her not loose my cool for no reason at times and even for good reason at times. Help me find good ways to communicate with her no matter how bad the situation is. I know you love me lord because you gave me her. I wanna be her backbone and without you, it won’t work. My temper is not just part of the problem, but it is a huge factor to our relationship misery. I thank you for listening and I thank you for just giving life itself. I don’t wanna ever give up on our relationship, Im willing go forever with this wonderful woman you blessed me with. I pray that you bless everyone we both love, especially our kids. Amen