Help me with my life

by Carol (US)

I need your support please guide me in the thing that I do Lord be with me help me to help others and let me have good health let me reunited with my husband who pass away in March 1014 when I leave he is most likely with you lord I need your help I feel lost with out him help me I enjoy the time you are giving me thank you for my son he has been a blessing to me just as my husband was a blessing I need you in my life with out you I would not be here help me do good in my life help me to enjoy it thank you please guide me to please you

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Carol

    My prayers are with you this morning

    You are a good Mom and good wife

    As was your husband

    The Lord needs you please go to church

    Each Sunday the Lord will be happy to see

    You there

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