Help me to understand what is going on.

by Neoh (Singapore)

Dear God,

First of all, i will like to pray for my father who is not well. Dear God, i pray that you will continue to watch over him and give me many more happy times with him. I will also like to pray for my mother. Please give her strength and good health to be able to take good care of my father and also herself. Please watch over them.

Dear God, i have been very affected by the MH 370 incident. I cannot imagine how i will cope if i were the relatives or the people inside. God, i am very frightened by the fragility of life. I will be moving to Sydney with my husband and son in July. I will be leaving my sick father who has been so close to us. God, please help me to understand. I was looking forward to going, but now, i really cant bear to do that. Lord, please help me to see that this is going to be good. Lord, i have a lot of fears. I fear the packing, the relocating, the adjustment to a new life and please give me strength.

Lord, i trust in you and please be with me.

I pray in Jesus name,


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