Help Me To Prosper, Lord

Dear Lord, First, I want to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have provided me with. Thank you for my children and grandsons and my wonderful friends I have and the person who I met not log ago.

You have been so generous to me. I hope and pray I continue to prosper with good fortune such as that. Lord, the only thing I pray you allow is to protect me from the problem I have been earnestly praying to you all day and every day for the past three months about. I have sent many many prayers to you begging for your protection. I pray I no longer have to worry about this and move on happily with my life as I should. I want to be a very happy person but, with this weighing heavily on my heart and always not knowing is what worries me a lot.

I know you listen to me and I pray to you to continue to protect me, Lord. So far I have not seen or heard anything that may indicate something is wrong. I hope it remains that way forever. I pray you help me to prosper in my finances and to be able to pay off all my debts soon. I am working hard to save all the money I can so I can be out of debt before I retire and have some money set aside to pay for health insurance until I can get on medicare. That is my hope, Lord. I have already lost a lot of money and cannot afford to lose anymore. I have a grandson I am trying to help my daughter get back and I want to be able to help provide for him. I pray she is successful in regaining custody of him. He needs his mother and does not need to be on ritlin.

If his other grandmother cannot handle him by giving him drugs like that to space him out, then she should not have him. I do not have problems with him and neither do others. I pray that problem is resolved for his sake. I will continue making my tithing to you faithfully. I want to serve you Lord and always be faithful to you in prayer. I feel your every presence. Please keep Satan from trying to ruin my life. He is forever out of my life with the lies and stealing that others did to me. Those who did this to me will have to face you in the end. I praise you every single day for the rest of my life, my Lord. In your name I pray. AMEN

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