Help Me To Prosper, Lord

Dear Lord, I pray to you to help me and my friends who are suffering with their health and to prosper financially. They are having money and health issues and we all need your help.

I need you Lord, to help me over come my shortage of money each week. Help me to have control over my money after this week once again. Help me to put behind the horrible thing that has happened to me because of a very evil and dishonest person who claimed to be a Christain and who was nothing but a fake! I pray this person has to face you one day. I pray you do not allow this person to prosper at all. What they took, I pray they lose twice that amount and is punished severely.

I pray I am forgiven of all my debts one day and can enjoy a good retirement in the last years of my life. I am now a faithful and thankful to you my Lord. I will serve you and go to church and tithe faithfully to you once I am able to. That is my promise to you, Lord. You are a big part of my life, Jesus. You died on the cross so my sins will be forgiven. I praise you! Thank you Lord for all you have given me. I am in your debt. In you name I pray. AMEN

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