Help me to perfecty accomplish your will and Mary’s God.

by Pat (US)

I concecrate myself to Mary and Jesus , and place myself under their mantels and protection help and care.Help me to be a true saint of the end times,disciple of Mary ,and warrior of the traditional Roman Catholic Apostolic faith . Help me to be saved to go toheaven not hell nor purgatory , limbo ,also not to enter shamefully into heaven and get and go to the highest glories of heaven.For me to live the faith fully always show yourself with me all of heaven especially Mary that I may come to God .Please help me not to fall into sin.Give me all the graces,gifts,fruits,and virtues ,blessings to do your work as you will.Help me to be as God wants me to be fast and stay like that .For me to live the truths of the Gospel and never loose my faith andfully have The Holy Ghost,Mary’s graces and help and come help me God fast.Do not let me fall into sin ,let me conquer fast my weaknesses, and overcome. I desire all the greatest of heaven help e to attain it Lord.

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