help me to pay my accumulated debt with bank

by Aathira (United Arab Emirates)

Dear lord,

iam in great trouble. I helped one of my friend by taking credit card in my name and giving him money thinking since he have ajob he will pay my debt. unfortunately he lost his job and my money got accumulated and bank is following me. even i lost my job and iam pregnant now. He got a new job but with very low salary that he cant pay this money all of a sudden. Bank is behind me scaring and forcing me to pay else they will file a case and even they said they will take legal action against me that i will not be in a state to travel out of this country.

Dear Lord, help me. show me a miracle to pay this debt. My friend is looking for many ways to give me back this money for the help i did but he is not able to until. Dear lord please help him in getting this money which he have to pay instead of me so that i can be free from debt.

i have not even told my family about this. They will be so upset with me. I dont want to hurt them because of my mistake. I think i did a big sin . I ask forgiveness lord and deeply need your assistance.

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