Help me to overcome my current financial difficulties and protection from bad eyes and enemies

by Aswathy ()

Oh St Josephs i am strong believer of yours from more than 7 yrs. you have help me in all my difficulties.But since from last one yr or more i cannot complete my novena to you . Icant get concentration on my prayers to you and i am going through a difficult situation, I want to over come that barrier between you oh St Josephs.My financial condition is going worst . my company is not getting payments on time its getting delay for no reason. All the money is being spend on one person undauntedly and that person is creating difficulties in my life personally , emotionally and financially .its been affecting everyone of us in our work place. Creating troubles to move forward in work.please help me to get over this situation and move forward.some bad eyes has been on me and my family and people associated with me. i want to protection from those bad eyes on me. I want peace within me and i want to spread peace to all. I want my husband to get anew job that he cane take care of us like how St Josephs did. He had been struggling for few year for a brake thought.please help me .Oh lord pray for me and my family and friends. Deliver us from evil .help us to over come all our difficulties. Do not go away from me lord. Please do let me go away from you. i know its the devil who is working. Please be with me. I really need your as a guardian as my father.

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