Help me to hold on, Lord God

by Danielella (Usa)

Dear St.Jude, Please pray for me. I need a miracle. I’ve been trying to hold things together for my family. The last ten or more years I’ve been under a lot of stress. I’ve had the responsibility of taking of my family(my daughter and her three children,my son who has a mental illness,and helping with his daughter). I’m burnt out. My finances are gone.

I’ve worked for over 30 years,and everything is gone. I’ve made a mess of my life because I didn’t know how to Let Go. Job opportunities are bleak, I’m 55 years old and to my regret didn’t go back to school for additional training. No one else in my home is even trying to help. I’m sorry that I’m being lengthy,but my mind has been going to a very dark place lately. I want to LIVE in the Victory of Jesus Christ. I want to be at peace and free. Please pray for me.Thank you Lord. In faith through the Precious Blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ.

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