Help me to forgive myself and accept my many imperfections

by Stazia (Vacaville)

Dear God

I have belief in your love and guidance. I discovered my faith and felt your presence once i stopped looking at myself for salvation and understood that i could not control or predict my life and that each experience has its purpose and its time to be learned. I confess that i both fear and dread that understanding and strength are only created through struggles sadness and difficulties. I realize and believe that you have placed me on my path out of love and helped me to choose the direction that will be a person worthy of your grace. At the end of each trial i am prouder of the me i have become and the stength i have gained. I pray for your grace and guidance to keep me on the path you have opened for me. I pray that this path will lead me to be the mom, the daughter, the sister, the niece, the aunt, the cousin, friend and person that i want to be. I pray that your grace is merciful and the path you have chosen for me is filled with blessings and that you will give me the strength and determination to be worthy of your love and rewards. Please keep my loved ones safe and i pray they feel your presence in their life especially in times of strife. I plead for you to take my anger doubt and fear. Help me to keep faith in you to wright the wrongs punish what is done with ill intent and guide me in my desire to change into a better happier woman who has surrendered to you without fear. Forgive me my past present and future sins. Help me to forgive myself and accept my many imperfections.

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