Help Me To Find Employment

by Stephanie (Jacksonville FL)

Dear Lord, I am struggling to find employment. I have only had one job and it wasn’t even a year, i was grieving over the loss of my mother and didn’t pull my self together to make it to work on time so i lost the job. Lord i am afraid and losing all hope that i mat not find work. I have gotten divorced and lived with my sibling for 6 months without employment and now i am in a new relationship that may be taking it to the next level and i would want to be able to contribute in the bills. I am desire straits. i also badly need of a vehicle. i have no transportation to and from work other than shared transportation from my bf. His schedule is 7am-4pm. there is no time frame that i can work the same hours without having to drive a good 10-20 miles. he commutes 30 minutes to work everyday. I have walked to nearest stores around where i reside and yet still no employment.Please help me to live a happy and fruitful life. I am patiently waiting on you, Lord, to provide for me. I know your timing is everything. Help me to know you are there with me to give me peace of mind.I need your guidance. Thank You, O , Lord for hearing my complaint and i will walk by faith, knowing i am going to to taken care of. Lord i know i am not alone and i now there are many others just like me that have needs you are so wonderful and i life my name up to you, i know you are going to take care of your children, In your precious and holy name, Jesus. Amen.

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