Help me to find a new happy job

by Birdy (Canada)

Lord I pray this prayer in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Please God, send me the courage, wisdom and prevalence to be able to find a new opportunity. I am very unhappy and stressed at my current job, and I know you want me to move forward into something new.

God, please point me towards an opportunity that will glorify you and provide for me and my little Buddy. Please help me during this stressful time to be able to financially provide for myself, pay my debts and not lose my home.

God I want to find a job where I am happy, productive and can do good work for others. Help me find a good group of people who work well together and collaborate.

I’m anxious and scared God. Please comfort me and let me know that whatever path i’m on, you are with me guiding me to the right place.

In Jesus’ name


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