Help me to discern the voice of the holy spirit

by Lorrie ()

Please help me to discern what God wants for me in my relationship and marriage . Throughout this pandemic I have become closer to my husband and he has changed and started to help me around the house but he alienates himself from people and I am quite social. I want an even balance so as a couple we are social with people and gain a circle of friends who bring us joy and celebration so we can all reach our full potential. He is very wise and extremely smart and I want God to touch him so he can live his full potential. I know he has free will. My heart sings to help others and reach my full potential and purpose God has for me , but I worry I may not get there if I am influenced by a self proclaim atheist who has more knowledge of God than I do. Previously he told me he believed in God , but through this he claims he doesn’t . There are many discrepancies hitting me causing me to doubt myself during this time . But I know God can move mountains. I’m trying to release my life to Jesus but I am having a tough time doing it . I need the word of God to come alive for me as I read the bible each day so I can discern what he wants me to do in this situation. Evil is hitting me hard and I am knowing the blood of a Jesus has already saved me . I sit in psalm 91 asking for Jesus to be my refuge and my fortress during this time and to take over , but as a human, I keep screwing up and relying on Gods grace every day to bring me back to trust and salvation. It is already done and I know I died on the cross with Jesus. So that old me has no more control over me , but I’m struggling to let go and step into the new spiritual me . Please pray for discernment . I read something last night that was not from the bible. And it felt as though the Holy Spirit who I was receiving lesson from but not active direction for moving forward . I’m having a tough time being positive. As the old me suffered many traumatic things but I was healed of them all and released so much pain. I’m very emotional and feel I’m prone to messing up badly. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am saved , simply because God doesn’t lie! If he says he came in the form of a man and died for me so my sins would be forgiven , I believe him! I just don’t want to be left here . It feels like I am being forced to live out many parts of the Bible and at the same time determining what to do with respect to a supposed atheist as a husband . Lord , please clarify to me the right thing to do in this situation. I know God can move mountains and so he can work miracles in my life . I don’t want to make any wrong decisions on my own, but I’m not sure whose voice I am hearing at the moment and I’m afraid to move at all. Please pray for discernment for me and miracles and unfailing faith .

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