help me to come out the depts

lord heavenly father please help me in clearing all my depts .lord i have made a mistake in doing the wrong business and put my self in deep depts and put my family members into trouble lord need you help and blessings to show me the right way and the source of way in clearing the credits i have tried of my best and iam tired of this financial burden i confess to you my lord all my sins and i surrender myself to you and raise my hands to you in need of money to give back to these people(vasantha,lavanya,shoba,maniamma,meera,atul,lali,gurmith,latha,sampath,meenakshi,revathi,simi,sandhya and many more) and dont let them to come to my home and shout at me and do stop them from coming to my home. lord i need the money only to clear my credits not for my riches life. lord anoint me in such way that i should be in your service for rest of my hole life in your name lord jesus amen

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