help me to be financially responsible

by Kelly Ann Malone (Newhall, California)

Dear Lord, I have sined over and over again and I know that I can’t resolve my financial issues without you. Please forgive me for I have been irresponsible financially and on occasion have been taken over by my own selfish greed, procrastination, and just plain neglect of keeping current with my bills. I ask you, my heavenly father, to intercede on my behalf and help me become financially responsible and to trusthe in your love for me and know that you will always have my best interests at geart. Forgive my lack of truly trusting you. I’m weak without you my dear father. I love you and trust in you to help me through the current mess that I find myself in. I ask for your supplication with the deepest of thanks and I will do whatever it is you ask me to do to get through this. In you name…I love you and I thank you from my heart and from my soul. Kell Ann

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