Help me through the most toughest period in my life

by Lindsay (Ct)

Dear lord,

I am asking you to watch over my two young girls and myself during the toughest experience as well as painful time in our life. My best friend, my husband has told me that he wanted a divorce in May and then in July came back into my daughters life and mine begging for forgiveness. I never wanted this divorce so I of course slowly let him in, to only get heartbroken again, he has confessed that he has been having an affair for about two years and that he is in live with the other woman. I am so completely heartbroken, angry and sad. He was my best friend and I feel completely betrayed. I want to be able to let go of the anger and would love so desperately for him to realize his mistake-leaving his six year old and 18 month old behind. I ask for guidance and support during this difficult time and clarity to help make sense of this senseless selfish act. I still love him and only want happiness for us both. Thanks to be god

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