Help me stand ,Father, against anxiety

by Brenda (CO)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I stand with you as my shield against the spiritual and physical pain that attacks me. I place in your hands my soul and my body to be protected and healed from my infirmities. Most of all I place my trust in You. This is the most challenging as I have never trusted fully in anyone. Your word says that I can and I am choosing to do this. I do not know what tomorrow may bring and quite honestly I am weary of the anxiety that comes with trying to forecast it. I long for the peace that you promise that comes with trusting in you. Please Lord and Savior hear my cry. Save and soothe me and my family from the generational depression and fear that has crippled us. Take me oh Lord the will , the pain , the fear and also the heart and the gifts you have trusted to me. I long to know you and recognize your Spirit.

Envelope me in your arms like a frightened child in the night that only needs the strong reassurance of the Father who protects and adores her. Even as my heart is pounding and my hands are shaking, I choose to trust you, know you , seek you, follow you and love you. Hear my cry Oh Lord.

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