Help Me Save My Marriage

by Lynn (Mills, NC USA)

I need prayer for my marriage. I’ve been standing for 9 1/2 months for a marriage restoration while my husband continues to slip away in the ways of the world with another woman 17 years younger. God hears my cry, he sees my tears. I need prayer the Holy Spirit will convict my non-saved husband and bring him back to me, his wife of 12 years.

God is the only way I am getting by. In no way do I want our children (ages 11 and 8) to feel this is ok. For 2 years my husband has been behind my back. Please Lord Almighty cover my husband with your blood, dont allow the enemy to continue filling his thoughts, feelings, dreams with fantasy…allow him to see clearly before the lies continue and its to late and we are divorced.

I do not want a divorce and will continue to stand. He says he doesn’t love me, he doesn’t show any affection, he doesn’t act like a husband, rather 100% separate doing as he wants when he wants. God please show your here and restore our marriage. Thank You, Amen

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