Help me save my family, Lord God

by Eileen (Arizona)

My Father, My entire family is in a crisis. My mother is going blind and has no teeth. and needs care. I cannot care for her in her home . We need a safe place to live so I can take care of her. My step father needs to go home to his mother to care for her.

My sister and her husband need help. My oldest son needs a place to live and needs help with his mental being, My youngest son needs a place of his own. My daughter needs to find a way to believe in you my Lord and Savior. Please help me bring her around. I need you to bless this family with a financial blessing a miracle a financial windfall. Please let my ticket for Mega millions be a winner of the jackpot.

So, I can save my family. I don’t want to end up in a another homeless shelter. I want to care for my mother and give back to everyone who has helped me. I want to give time and money to charities. I ca’t work. My mental health is not good and a job will not save my family. Only money will. Please God grant me this blessing. Please forgive me my sins, and allow me to show all the love I can spread around the world. Please make me a winner this I pray in your name. I love you my Father and believe in you with all my heart. I pray you help me help my family and as much of the world as I can .Thank you Amen