Help me restore financial stability for my friend

by Jim (USA)

I started a real estate business several years ago. With a dear friend who is older then me and who trusted me exclusively. Through a bad economy, mistakes, and bad decisions I have managed to lose most of this 3-homes and my own home. In heavy credit card debt, and not even enough money to file bankruptcy for myself. My dear friend I am praying for. She has had two strokes (none major fortunately), I am sure partly due to the stress of this matter. Please pray for her, and our situation to improve.

Pray to god for my mistakes and forgiveness in my sins, though I beleive most of this is just honest mistakes. God please show me the way through this matter. I am trying to work and start over, but it is tough.

I need to somehow REALLY have an opportunity to start over, please show me the direction and most of all look over my friend and keep her safe. I hope in due time with your guidance and help I can work through this matter and everything will be OK, though I know it will be OK however you want it to be.

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