Help me prosper, Help me reap prosperity in better employment

by Jazz (District Heights ,MD,United States)

Father God, Thank you for waking me up this! Thank you for allowing me to even be here for i have sinned many times! Carelessly, and repeatedly. Father God I really do appreciate all you have done for me this year alone! Father God, i ask that you please bing forth a job that will be so great that at 18, I will be able to fully provide for myself, my grandmother and siblings. God you know how much a home and steady income would mean to me!

I know only want to see me achieve and that work must be put in before i gain any success! God i know that things will move at your pace, right when I need it and I ask that you please please bring my prayers to fruition please lord in the name of jesus amen! I know that it will be done! You have changed my life in 2013! Thank you!

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