Help me pray that my son’s dad come back to me

by Jaycell (Balanga City Bataan Philippines)

Lord God Almighty pls touch the heart of my son’s dad to realize my worth and remember all the good qualities i hav and i had, touch his heart and soul with your healing hands oh lord to ease his anger ,hatred., and disappointments towards me. Make
Him remember all the good things and memories we shared in the past especially my care and love for him during those days we were fighting for our relationship to last..and all the struggles we had faced and survived. Lord pls serve this as my last gift for my birthday . I wish and pray that we could back in each other’s arms again. Pls give me this last chance for us. I claim it oh lord and i promise not to waste the last chance u would give me. Thank you lord god in heaven, you are my power my strength and my hopes.