Help me pray for my marriage

I love my husband with all my heart but due to issues prior to our marriage, we are having a hard time moving forward, because I do not trust him. Up until recently everything has been good but then signs of possible cheating occurred and here we are now in this rough patch.

I don’t have solid evidence, just minor things that don’t sit right with me. I can’t clear my head of thoughts of things that may have happened, or are happening, or may happen in the future. I think of the worst case scenarios. And I can’t clear my mind of them

In the past I have tried to pray for our relationship but things seemed to get worst so I stopped praying.

Eventually we got back on track and everything was good. My husband told me he was working on changing himself for the better and shared with me his close relationship with God and suggested I try praying again.

Which I did start up, but here I am in my first hardship since, and I still don’t know how to pray or how to handle this. Please help me pray.

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  1. Prayer, it still works!!!!!

    Let me just remind you that prayer is simply having a conversation with God the same way you stated your situation here, tell it to God. Ask God for forgiveness for not trusting Him enough to handle your situation. I have been where you are and once I learned to give it completely to God my life my marriage became so much better.My husband and I will be renewing our vows on July 12th of 17 years. God is not the author of confussion. When trouble seems to be building don’t argue with your spouse you start speaking to the situation and just start decreeing and declaring God’s promises over that situation. Talk to God is always waiting to hear from His children believe in what you are praying about. Prayer it still works you just have to have faith and believe. Call those things that are not as though they are……it works every time. Be blessed and have faith.

  2. Help for your marriage

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling in your marriage. Please check out The Alexander House, esp. Marriage Disciples. Our process has helped to reconcile more and more couples.

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