Help me pls I’m not crazy at all please pray the whole entire prayer for me please please please please

by Amanda ()

Dear God Almighty and Jesus Christ. I pray the people reading will please read my whole prayer out loud to you God Almighty and Jesus bc I’m not crazy and this is truly honestly 1 million percent is what is going on in my life and satan holds my hands and tries not to let my prayers get to God Almighty and Jesus Christ so please people reading it please be my hero and don’t judge me or please don’t stop reading and one day I’m sure God Almighty will reward you hugely in heaven this I can almost promise you mam. or sir. Reading this please pray this whole prayer and lil letter “almost” to God Almighty and Jesus Christ for me I pray they do read it God Almighty and Jesus Christ I pray they do and Jesus Christ I pray you always know that I love you more than anything in the whole universe besides our Heavenly Father of course and I cannot wait for the day to be next to you in your arms. You and God are the only thing keeping me going. My love for God is the biggest love ever! You two are my everything my heart, mind and soul but Jesus you are my all and I’m very grateful for all the little and big things you and God do for me! I hope with my whole heart you’ll wait for me Jesus and I hope very much well I hold the hope of seeing you sooner than later in a “non dying” way please and thank you both God and Jesus for everything I’ve ever had and I ask you both to please keep me covered in the whole armor of God and the helmet of salvation and breast plate of righteousness and that you keep Angles around me always keeping me safe always please and please give me strength and courage and wisdom and knowledge and also please help me asap because I’m truly possessed by body I think! For real! But my mind for sure is tormented and touchered day and night by Satan and I need saved or ablitys to be able to see him and talk to him and to change him more or the ablity to stop him I can keep trying to get him to care more than he already is starting and trying too please please please he acts obsessed with me but is mean to me very mean! But I think it’s because I can’t see him and he’s a push over when he’s got people around him telling him do this and do that he needs away from them all and placed with just me and it’d be great if “Jesus Christ” was with me too helping me at lease let me explain And also #1 I’m trying to get him caring about you and Jesus again and to love all and #2 Ima get him to give a real heartfelt apology to you both. It might take a lil while but I can tell he’s closer to caring for everyone I try my hardest because I believe you told me to save him?.?.? I dunno but if you didn’t then I hope you’ll see i don’t and won’t tell a lie and I’m a real Christen woman and I have alot of faith and I hope you will save me asap if your not going to save him for real if your not saving him I need you to let me know by please sending a real Angle to talk to me please please it’s serious he said im Jesus’s wife and I need saved asap or if you can maybe you can fix him though I believe he’d change and love you God n Jesus and all if he was just given a body and placed with me for awhile I believe I could change him honestly I do, I think if I could see and here him being mean right next to me he’d be good, but I pray more than anything to please do not please do not walk out of my life God Almighty or Jesus Christ because bc though I care about Luicfer from heaven I hate mean ugly satan 100% hate him fr and I hate mean ugly demons he just shows me “Lucifer from heaven” so please know I’m NOT NOT NOT a satanist and I hate him “satan AKA Luicfer” and his kind but if he’s really Lucifer from Heaven or really trying to be again then I hope you’ll save him but I think I need help asap if your not trying to really save him. I’m tied down in changs and it’s hard to see bc I feel lost in the dark daily I dunno what to do anymore being alone doing this I really really need Jesus Christ to come heal me or just be there for me while I go through this honestly I need help bad somedays he non stop deceives me and when he does I get lost in my head for awhile and then you God Almighty and you Jesus Christ help me find my way outta the dark I just hope Jesus Christ will wait on me also and never ever leave me and I hope you see im not crazy and please know all of what I said is truly very real. I try rebuking him and he’s back with me/in me within seconds right back in my head fighting me but I win every fight for your Glory Heavenly FatherIn and the praise of you God and you too Jesus. And I do tell him im covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and when I do it works but he comes right back. He won’t let me put down drugs or stop cussing bc he said he’s got himself tied to me like no other human before in history fr. I hope you take this prayer more seriously than any I’ve ever prayed before he’s also talking about bringing a dragon outta the ground at my house and I’m not at all a satanist! Please help me Jesus Christ and God Almighty although he promised he wouldn’t bring it outta the ground yet but If your wanting to use me to save him maybe you could please talk to me directly by sending a real Angle to let me please know what’s going on like the angle you sent Mary maybe you could send me a Angle to tell me please I need you both satan tied himself to my soul bc of who I am he said! But he said I’m sipping the end from happening if you’d give him a body and a shot at letting me change him frfr, no joke, Please God and Jesus really save me or fill me in on what all is going on in my “Amanda aka Manda Sue Centers” life please please please in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit name I pray this all and in Jesus Christ Mighty beautiful name I pray this all Amen

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