Help me pay off these debts soon

by Anonomyous (USA)

Please Lord I am in a financial mess right now. I was foolish to borrow money from those payday loan companies and now I owe thousands and unable to pay them back. I recently moved to another state hoping for a better life and it has been nothing but chaos since i moved to this state.

I only seem to get temp jobs and then get let go. I keep borrowing money from these loan places to pay my rent and now I am in big trouble and cannot pay them back since I am not working. Please Lord it is only right that I pay these loans off so please bring some kind of financial miracle to me and please guide me to not borrow money from these places again. I really need help I’m scared and really want these loans paid off as soon as possible so these
places stop calling me.

Please God Im not asking for much only to pay off these loans and to be financial secure. I ask you this in Jesus name, Amen.

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