Help me oh lord my god to come out debt, asking you lord for money.

by Marsehala Dung Dung (Port Blair, A&N Island, India)

Pray for me to come up huge debt amout, i am from india my name is Marsehala Dung Dung I dont know what to do,My life is falling apart, my family is falling apart becauce ob my debts, I can no longer be able to buy food. I can no longer enjoy my work because of this situation of debts I am in, please Lord am begging you to give me money so that I will be able to pay every penny I owe, please Lord am begging you,give me Money to pay everything and be able to buy house. i need money,heavenly father,am begging you,hear my cry,please lord for i trust in you,i love you and give you my everything.please dear lord for you said i will never leave you nor forsake you,hear my cry amd wipe my tears from asking for money to pay everything for my deadline is on 27/11/2014 to pay everyone please heavenly father,father of abraham.jacob and issac grant me a miracle to clear evryone and never ever make a debt,i promise father i will never ever get into debts again please help me.i sincerely ask for your mercy,please god help me in jesus name.

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