Help me move on

Last June I began an affair with a married man. I, too, am married. We go to the same church. I know his spouse and children, and he knows mine. On March 22, we were caught in my bedroom with the door closed by my husband. We said we were only kissing, but this was a lie. Overnight, it was over. Nine months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, and this man has been a strong source of support. I also have bipolar disorder. I don’t want to try to excuse my actions by pointing at my illnesses. My husband has extended unbelievable grace to me and forgiven me, though he does not know the whole story. I know my lover told his wife, but again, a very abbreviated version. This man won’t have any contact with me. I am saddened by this. Please pray for me to have closure. Help me turn from my wicked ways. Help me let go of lingering feelings for this man. It’s so difficult. Thank you in advance for your prayers.