Help me Lord

by Nick (Philippines)

Please give me strength Lord to face this challenge that you have given me and I pray to You that I can overcome this successfully. I have this one subject in school that I might fail because of lack in grades. I did try my best in every test but still can’t get a good grade. Although the checking is not done yet, I still hope that in that checking I can make it to pass the subject. Every point is important so I pray to You Lord that You give me these points that I need. I really don’t want to fail this again. One more fail and everything will be bad for me. Please give me the strength Lord. I know that I can still make it to pass this subject through You. I don’t need to get a high grade. Just a passing grade is enough Lord. I did my best and I know that You Lord will bless me and guide me in this in Jesus’ name Amen.

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  1. Faith


    Good morning

    Do not worry let fall in Jesus hands

    If you do not pass Get up

    Tell Jesus you are in his hands and go forward

    You will succeed

    Please go to church each Sunday Jesus

    Also needs you next time you take an exam

    As you sit down tell Jesus you are in his hands

    You believe he is standing next to you

    And then proceed to take the exam

  2. Help Me Lord

    The student sounds like a wonderful soul and I loved the advice that he was given, especially the part about Jesus standing beside the student while he takes the exam. A truly beautiful prayer. God bless you both.

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