Help me lord to understand your will for me

by Kim (Gilroy,Ca,USA)

Dear Father I petition this prayer to you. My husband and I have been seperated for a year now.. Help me lord to understand your will for me. You know I love my husband and my vows were important to me in our covenant with you Father! Please lord send the Holy spirit to my husband work in his heart and give him the hunger to bring him back to you. During this time lord thank you for bestowing your love, stregnth and peace. I pray that you will bind the works of Satan and protect our marriage from the evil that has come … Show my husband that he is not following your will and lead him to know he still loves me. Father forgive me of all my wrong doings and sins that allowed my marriage to become vulerable in the first place. Help to grow and serve your purpose Lord Lord restore my family and find in their hearts a place to forgive their father of this betrayel . In Jesus name I pray Amen