Help me lord please

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Please help me father. I know that I don’t reach out as often as I should but I know you know I talk all day and I’m in touch with you throughout each moment . Please gather I am asking in everything you can possibly give to me to help me regain my old job back that was new and that was suddenly lost by my horrible mistake as I deal with personal issues that got in the way. I know I talk to you every day and you’ve seen my struggles please help me to separate the two and ask for forgiveness and a second chance at the opportunity I was given if it’s not too late as it was perfect for me. Please give me the chance to learn from my mistakes and prove that I won’t do them again. Please lord you know every breath I’ve taken and every thought I’ve had every struggle I’ve attained and knowing that I know you realize this job was good for me lord. It gave me alone time and peace from other people Which I don’t do well with. Please god also give me clarity for my future as I am unsure of the route I want to take . Please god bless me with so many more days with my pets as I cannot imagine living without their smiling faces I live for them and breath for them and pray/ please lord forgive my selfish ways if I have been selfish or the words I have said when I am angry at my mom or dad as they mean everything to me . Please god protect my brother and his wife and baby during the time of covid especially my brother who I love and please always keep me in your way.- all my love as I continue to think or you tonight and communicate –


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