help me lord out of my situation now,show me the way

by Joseph Mukuka Chileshe (Zambia,Lusaka)

Lord you are God, there is no other God than you,dear Lord I have sined grievously against you,my familly,my fiance en friend and because of that lord today am in trouble,i owe a lot people money en they are giving seriouse presure,lord I am a sinner forgive me I regret my sins, I also owe my mother the money she was suposed to use to buy a car, she still thinks the money is there, but it is no more there,i have no Job it has been 5yearsnow, it has been hard to find one,i have no source of income, i don’t want to injure my mother en everyone around me, i want to find the money before she discovers the money is not there, this car will mean a lot to her,lord I don’t want to break her heart.

i owe a total amount of $6000, Lord that amount is too big for me, please show me the way out, i have been a bad child lord, please forgive me,i will never ever make these mistakes again in my I only want to work for you lord,save me lord, show me the way out am stack lord,it has been hell for me lord please save me,give me peace en rest Lord. a really troubled en so scared lord, only you can help me Lord