Help me Lord I am in a crisis situation.

by James (Thorndale, TX, USA)

Lord I am coming to you in Prayer. You know dear heavenly Father I am in a difficult situation. Dear Jesus, I am about to lose my home where my mother and I lived, I am about to be homeless, I don’t have any running water or heat because of my financial situation.

I am behind on my debts Lord, I am about to lose my car. I come to you in desperation dear God and plead for your assistance, your guidance and that your will be done. I worship and praise your holy name and ask that you please send your Spirit to create in me a clean heart Oh God. Lord, you know I am not perfect and have strayed from your will in many ways, keep me on your path. I ask that you send your angels to surround me and protect me and I ask your presence to safeguard me from evil and to help me through this difficult time.

I ask that you please help me find a place to live and to take the burdens of these finances off my shoulders. Lord I give all my problems to you, please take them from me so instead of spending time worrying about how to go from day to day I can instead spend the time doing your will, glorifying your name in worship and praise. God hear my prayer, Lord hear my prayer, dear Holy Spirit hear my prayer. Amen.

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