Help me Lord

by Suzy ()

I really need help my doctor is ignoring me and has stopped my diabetic medication. There is a shortage of it and no matter how many times I have got in touch said how ill I feel and so on she is ignoring me. My doctor retired last year and although I have been with the surgery 35 years lately I’m ignored. So I really need God to step in and stop this horrible woman and let her get me my insulin. I would like to ask My Father and my Brother Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for their help with some money. I really need some money ASAP. I am sorry that I blew an opportunity a few months ago, but I was and am suffering from depression after losing all my older family and my partner. Its been terrible. I am ill partly because of the stupid doctor. No one wants to go to her thats why she’s doing the diabetic stuff and she’s ignored me six weeks. I really need help from all THREE of the Holy Trinity. I feel ignored and sometimes very alone. God has always helped me but I feel so very angry and alone and need some money my medication and some love and kindness off my daughter who treats me like rubbish. Never helps or comforts me, I’ve been there for her for everything. Never supported me through my grief losing the love of my life. Makes up lies about her childhood when I did everything for her and a girl who’s mum didn’t want her.. I worked, had an art gallery a community one, which I ran with my wages sometimes, a big house, children and my partner at the time was useless. After four years I broke down medically and physically. I Know hard work. Now I am ill and need a miracle or two. Pease Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit please answer my prayers. Thank You God for all the good in my life for past miracles and all the love and support over the years. Now I need You all more than ever.

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