Help me in my addiction.

by Marybeth ()

Dear Father, I have a deep addiction to jewelry. I am in debt for nearly $2000 because I love jewelry so much. I just can’t seem to stop buying it and I cannot explain to myself, much less anyone else, why I seem to need it.
I am so ashamed of being so deeply in debt over something like this. I have tried to stop the shopping 🛍, but it really is an addiction. I am even embarrassed 😞 to wear some of the jewelry I own because it doesn’t belong to me really. I am still paying for the majority of it.
Because of my shame, I haven’t dared to confide in anyone but You, God. You know my financial situation better than anyone. You know the reason I am doing this. Please guide me to someone who can help me get a grip on this overwhelming situation. I seem powerless, but all the power I need is in You. Your Son died so I could triumph over this addiction. Please help me be strong and resist to compulsive behavior.
I want to honor You in all parts of my life. This behavior doesn’t do that.
Please forgive me for using the resources so foolishly that you have given me. I was raised by hardworking practical people. Jewelry isn’t practical at all. It is pretty shiny and fun, but not practical.
Please help me be more practical and intelligent in dealing with my finances. I know I cannot win this battle alone. I have tried repeatedly, and failed just as often. I am finally desperate enough to realize that I am in deep trouble. It is an addiction and those are over come only by prayer, patience, and perseverance. Please grant me an abundance of each of these, because I tried doing it my way too long. I am begging You to deliver me from this compulsion. I submit myself to Your wisdom and guidance. In Jesus’ precious Name. Amen.

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