Help Me Heal, Oh Lord

by Heartbroken (Laois/Dublin)

Dear Lord

I’m sure all this heart ache over the last few months is a test. My faith was never strong there was a time in my life when l had no faith at all. I am trying so hard, to believe and trust in you. Believe that there is a reason I’ve lost the her . I believe you sent her to me, because in my time of need all those years ago she saved me from myself.

I can’t ask or pray for her to come back. You gave us all free will. I’m just asking for you to help take this broken heart away from me. Give me the strength to believe in myself the strength to carry on in my life. I pray that she finds happiness and the person whom it’s with will love her as much as do. O Lord why me, I miss her so much, I miss the kids, the dogs even my home.. Lord please hear my prayer tonight as I sit here filled with tears and pain.