Help me have stronger Faith

by Amanda ()

Lord God Almighty El Shaddai God in heaven the Holy One the most great and mighty one above all the highest of hosts God you are! I thank you Lord in heaven I THANK YOU for saving me from that dark dark dreadful place. I praise you Lord in heaven above all the first and the last the beginning and the end the alpha and Omega the one who was and is to come again! You have been kind and merciful and paitent with me and my family. With me especially your servant Amanda Fay Curry Hutchinson. You called me with the sound of your trumpet and I heard the warning and I faltered a moment in considering that sound but knew the warning of it. Yet you saved me anyways. You brought me out of that dwelling place that evil that whichcraft that dark force that rose from below and creeped in and around that dark force that dark principality that can not be described but you allowed me to see it and feel the evil of it and I am greatful for the awareness of such dark forces and principalities so that I will recognize it immediately with little sight. The world is full of rott the evil has corroded it in so much we breath it in. There is no good left here. There is no fruit worth saving left upon it. It is grotesque and should be thrown out to either away as it has already fallen to it’s grounding place and is returning to the dirt of it. I rose above and saw it and it is not even worthy of maggots it is defiled and not worth consuming. The evil rot is not escapable. ONLY YOU EMMANUEL COUNSELOR have the mighty power to save us from the all consuming evil that roams and lurks here. ONLY YOU LORD have the power to rescue us from this place because it is impossible to escape it on our own. It is like walking into a mist, a fog cloud and the dew of it settles upon you because you are in the midst of where it dwells. It is impossible to escape the mist of the cloud. BUT YOU MIGHTY ONE have the power to sheild us and protect us from the evil dew the evil mist. Your arms like an umbrella to sheild and protect us and keep the rancid mist from touching our skin. Only you have that power Lord God Almighty and YOU rescued me from that dreadful harmful rain that dreadful harmful killing rott. You saved me Lord and I will forever praise you and thank you again and again for your saving grace and mighty protection. The call of your trumpet your call for battle your call for repentance your call to come to safety. I was hesitant but you saved me bone the less! What a wonderful Mighty merciful gracious PRECIOUS GOD YOU are! Thank you. Lord I ask you to show me when to shut my mouth and keep silent and when to open it and speak truth. I pray and ask you Lord to SHOW me when a false servant is in my presence a liar a distraction a deceiver a wicked one in human form in the appearance of a godly one but is a lie! Open my eyes lord and give me wisdom knowledge and discernment and wisdom to see these false people as I have seen the dark force and knew it was evil and as I have heard your trumpet and knew it was good but a fearful warning. Open my eyes lord and let me not fall into the hands of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Open my eyes lord, my ears lord, my mind lord my conscience. Lord let me NEVER be the wolf or the counterpart of an evil oppression. LORD please don’t ever let me fall into the hands of whichcraft or false prophets. I don’t want it!!!! I want to be good and just and right.!! I don’t want you to come back here and I call upon you and you turn me away and say “depart from me, I don’t know you” I Don’t ever want that lord no no no. I want to be under your protecting shield your arm your umbrella of peace and mercy!! Please lord don’t ever leave me I need you always and forever I need you Lord always always always I need you! Father yes I need YOu! In your gracious name a name that is the most powerful and unknown to human ability and words too powerful and great to comprehend that is your name how great you are that none can withstand and live!!! You are that great so great so grand and holy you are! In your heavenly this heavenly name Jehovah Yeshua Jesus Christ Yahweh the true son of God I pray today and everyday amen. I love you! I do.

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