Help me God

by Becky (Waco,Texas)

I am asking for prayer today for help in the direction of my life . I married this man and waited for 22 months while he was locked up and he was out 18 months and he started cheating on me . He left me and came back only to leave again . He makes me feel like it’s my fault. I will take blame for part of it but not all . My attitude is bad . I wanted him to be strong minded and help me work through it but instead he cheated and left me . Well it’s time for me to start a new journey in life and I am terrified . I don’t want to make the wrong decisions. I pray God guide me and help me change what I need to change and keep

Me busy and happy . I love God so much I look for Him thru my good times and bad. I know He will answer my prayers . He always does

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