Help me God to feed my children, to see an income and pay my debts

by Krishy (La)

God, you are the source of abundance. We pray O God, as a family, to give us the special help we need. You understand my needs God the Father, in Heaven, Creator of the Universe, the source of wisdom, direct my steps and my thoughts, lead us to great wealth and teach us the right way to be able to sustain our needs and help others.

As a single parent of 4, I am imploring your aid, Almighty Father, send me your great help, send me the money to free us from our depressing condition. My children have been missing school, my son had stopped, my daughter is struggling with more days without food and money for our needs. I am trying to overcome O God with hope and faith, and the more I count on situations, the more trials have come. God, please help us to endure. Day and night, I pray and look up to heavens, begging for mercy and a miracle to overcome this situation.] as I continue to struggle, day after day, believing in your mercy and help. God, I pray and lift up to you my smallbusiness, to get clients that will give us wealth and blessings, I beg for mercy, Lord, God, to send your Angels to lead us where your power will help us triumph over these difficulties, fulfill your promise o God, of prosperity and health as we continuously await for the great miracle of your love in our lives today.

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