Help me find what it is I am looking for through you.

I am a 22 year old art student.I moved away from home 2 and a half years ago and since then I have had everything anyone could ever as for. A good education and a loving supportive family. But I knew something was missing.And I could feel it grow inside me everyday.The gab could not be filled with my anger and my reckless ways and my abuse of my body and my friendships of which I had distanced myself from.

I believe In doing something wrong ultimately comes back upon you. There is a mask which I put on everyday to cover what it is that I do.I promise myself that I wont do these things again but it is inevitable that I fall back into my ways. My habits and my addictions are wearing on me.

And my frustration to my loved ones and the world around me is becoming unbearable. I have tried before to ask for guidance from the lord. And have come to realize that I cannot half want him and half want to stay as I am.I feel that there is a God and a presence which watches over us. And I just want him to guide me to do good in this world and make others smile and feel the joy that I have felt before in the past.

So I write this for others to pray for me and for others who feel as I do.

Dear Lord.As I walk with these strangers who’s faces have become alike to mine.Please guide me to the cleansing waters where I may wash this sin away.And let the spirit enter me and my being and bring me to you.Help all those who are lost like me.Heal them and allow them the strength to find you the one and only lord.

Forgive us now as we reflect and enable us the eyes of which to see the error of our ways and the paths of which to walk.Let us appreciate what we have been given,
and pray others may also receive such loving gifts.

We thank you and hope that we will feel your presence soon.

In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit


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