Help me find my friend

by Marcia Lewis (Queens, New York, USA)

Loving Heavenly Father,

Thanks you for all your blessings and provisions for my family and myself. You have done for us more than we could ever ask. Thank you most of all for forgiveness, your gift of salvation and promise of eternal life through the blood of you Son, Jesus Christ.
I pray, Dear God, that you will help me locate a friend I have not seen in over 20 years. My friend’s initials are D.C., a former member of the JDF and served at the same time as my brother, U. Moss. I have tried contacting everyone who may know my friend’s whereabouts somewhere in New York, but to no avail.
Father, I made a similar request in private prayer to locate another friend a few years ago and you led me directly to her in a miraculous way. I come to you once again for help. If it is your will, Lord, let me establish contact with this friend. I pray for this site that has allowed me to submit this prayer, bless those responsible and give them the strength to keep doing this great service. In the praiseworthy, mighty name of
Jesus, with thanksgiving, I submit this request.