Help me find hope and guidance

Dear Lord,

I know I am a sinner, as we all are, but my heart has always been filled with love for you, my brothers and sisters. Comparatively speaking, most would consider my sins nothing. But as your servant who loves you deeply, I know they are still sins, and I pray for your forgiveness.

My wife and I have endured so many hardships, including the loss our our precious son when he was just seventeen. We have moved multiple times chasing job opportunities and it has taken a hard toll on us. I am lonely and recluse.

We moved again for a job, and despite working loyally and with dedication, I was released unjustifiably. We are without a job and worn out by life. I need you now more than ever and am praying for your guidance, direction and love. I am older now and job opportunities are very hard to come by. My wife and I have been working tirelessly to open a new door for a long time now. We are lost and need your guidance.

I am your humble servant Lord and love you with all my heart. Please guide me for I am yours.

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