Help me find a new job

by Tanae (New York City)

I am a single mom who is currently working in an unhealthy environment where there are constant negative remarks and poor morale. The staff is very unhappy and my faith and the dedication that I have for what I do are the only things keeping me there. I have been trying to leave for the past two years but I never found a job.

Last month I finally got called in for two interviews within the same company and I still haven’t heard anything. I am blessed to have a job during these hard financial times. I know The Lord delivered me to my current position and it is his will that I continue to do the kind of work that I am doing , as a Christian, I am struggling with being in such a negative environment . I can’t afford to quit my job, I pray and leave it to God because I trust in him . Please pray for me to find a better job.

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