Help me Father

by Ashlee ()

Please rid me of these demons father and demonic influence. Rebuke the devil from within me and help me cloak myself in your armor. Me and all my loved ones and the righteous and those trying. Please have Jesus wash us clean with his holy blood please Lord I beg you for your cleansing. Please place hedges of protection around us, send your angels to guard and take charge over us especially arch angel Michael. Help us be equipped with your word as our sword so we can fight off the enemy. Please help me seem favorable father. Help me be favorable. Forgivable. Lovable. Help me please be a good mom and person and partner and family member. Dont let me succumbb to the evils the devils been inflicting. Please cancel all the plans of the enemy. Please let anyone setting a trap for me fall into it themselves in Jesus name. Please speak confusion into the camps of the enemy and have them turn and attack themselves on Jesus name. Please help those I lost forgive me. Help me not react when people are not good to me help me just pray please help me try to be like Jesus please bless me clean me help me be healthy Lord please !!! Healthy body mind soul please heal me in all these. Please send Pauls spirit and help me write about the things you want me to. Help me take care of myself and my kids everyday help me rise live and succeed instead of fall down and fail lift me when I fall father please Im drowning Jesus I need you please ! Send me spiritual guidance and assistance please. Please help us find a place to live with my children so they can have a home and their own rooms please make it easy to keep up with it and clean help me please rebuke this depression and be the best mom I can in Jesus holy name rebuke all evil and send a pastor or someone to help deliver me please thank you for all you do and for my beautiful children please forgive my sins and deliver us from evil please forgive my ungratefulness please help me be like Jesus and be thankful and a good servant. Wash me in the blood of Jesus please heal me. Give me understanding wisdom and knowledge please. Help me get closer to God and hear his word clearly and read the bible every day. Please wash my soul clean let no unclean spirit inhabit me please. Please forgive all I have done and please help me change Father. You know Im lost and broken and alone please heal me and help me find my way. Help me be close to you and help me do good works I beg you. Help me love myself please help me lose weight get off these medications and be beautiful. Please. Please help me be smart with money save money and quit smoking and get a new car for our family to get us around and so i can start school. Help me choose the right path please Father. You know the desires of my heart, you know my trials and troubles. Please be with me. I love you. Im sorry amen. Please be with me bless my great grandma my aunt and siblings all my loved ones and all the people trying to do better please help us and ruin the plan of the evil one rebuke him far away and let us not fall into any trap set by the enemy. Make them confused attacking eachother and falling into their own traps. Please make it so my enemies cant understand or plot against me. Rebuke them all please. No weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me thou shall condemn. Thank you Father.
In Jesus name amen

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