Help me Dear Lord Jesus Christ to win the and love and marry the man I am in love with.

by JLH (WV)

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

I trust in you to answer my petition in the way I am asking of you. I am in love with a wonderful man. He says he really cares for me. He recently told me he may need to see other to figure things out. He wife died 2 years ago. They were married for at least 40 years. I understand his need to figure things out.

I beg of you Dear Lord Jesus Christ to open this man’s heart and let him see that he has started to fall in love with me as I have fallen love with him.

Let this love between us lead to a long and happy marriage in Holy Matrimony between this man and me. Please let this man see soon that he has found what he is looking for in me. We will be together on New Year’s Eve. Let him reach out to me that night and tell me that he is falling in love with me.

I ask for all of this in Your Great and Holy Name, Lord Jesus Christ. I give my life entirely to you Lord Jesus Christ.

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