Help me conceive a sibling for our daughter at 41

by Michelle (Canada)

We have been trying to create a family later in life due to needing to heal to accept the love of the right man.

After a few years we were blessed to conceive a beautiful little girl into our world. We now pray to have a sibling for our beautiful daughter. We have been trying for awhile now but got started a little later than we should have as time flies by and I am 41 about to turn 42 and I am scared that it may not happen. Please help me with a lost cause prayer to succeed with the help of the fertility clinic. Please ask the Lord to guide me and the professionals into the right decisions that will result in a healthy little baby next month, July 2014.I have read so many stories of miracles happening with only one ovary and in their 40’s. Please help me be one of those miracles. I don’t know what else to do, I am disappointed that this month didn’t work and need help to keep the faith. Please tell the Lord how grateful of what he has given me and that I was smart enough finally to see his gifts and accept them.

Please help me give our little girl a sibling. We are not perfect parents but we make her happy and we know that a sibling will make her so happy. Please help her get the opportunity to be a big sister and us to have the enjoyment of caring for 2 wonderful blessings. I send you this request St Jude to pray for us with all your heart and for all the other women praying to you too. AMEN